Kitchen Layout Design Tips

Aug 05

Do you want to create the ‘perfect’ kitchen? Whether you have just moved into a new home or are planning to redesign your house, you may be considering your kitchen layout. This means that you will be looking at ways of organizing and enhancing your kitchen’s functional aspects.

The rule of the thumb in kitchen layout design is to focus on functional features, and let the form follow. That said, read on for some tried-and-tested tips to help you create your dream kitchen.

Manage Traffic

While the kitchen is probably one of those areas of the house that attracts high traffic, you can always manage this using the layout design. One way of managing traffic is to create spacious and unobstructed pathways. You also need to ensure that drawers on opposite sides are installed in an offset position relative to each other. This helps manage traffic, but it also allows you to enjoy the utility of the drawers.

Have Vertical Storage in Mind

As you focus on sizing and positioning your drawers, you also need to pay attention to wall storage options. Considering that the storage units beneath you might not be ideal for storing pans and baking sheets, make sure that you have vertical options. And they should be within range for accessibility reasons.

Plan for Large Appliances

You need to have a spot for large appliances. While gadgets such as the food mixer can be left on the counter, you need to have a place for them. This tip comes in handy when building your kitchen from scratch or when remodeling, considering that you might not be able to do much when the kitchen is already built, besides cutting out some shelves.

Place the Stove on the Exterior Wall

As far as deciding where to place the stove, you should put it on an exterior wall, not an island or interior wall; this design aspect aids in enhancing the kitchen’s functional aspects. And when you want to add a ventilation system, it is a lot easier to mount it on the exterior wall.

There are lots of factors that you need to pay attention to when designing a kitchen. As a reminder, as much as you want to have a beautiful kitchen, you should be thorough in enhancing the room’s functionality.