Using Wall Art in Entrance Halls

Oct 30

The entrance hall is often the first thing a person sees when entering a home. A warm and welcoming ambiance can set the mood of the visit and give a good impression. However, with hallways typically being a small space, as are home offices, it is not easy to create a pleasant atmosphere with the use of furniture. This is where unique and beautiful wall art comes into its own. The use of prints and posters is an easy way to add character to the entrance area.

Choosing the Right Artwork

For those not familiar with art, it can be challenging to find the right pieces. This is why a visit to the website of the renowned company Desenio should be first on the list. Their collection of posters is inspirational and covers every subject imaginable, from nature to vintage to fashion. The selection of wall art is helpfully categorized, making it easy to find the exact piece to spruce up the entrance hall.

Matching Prints and Collages

In such a small area as the entrance hall or even a kitchen, the size of the print or poster is essential. Desenio has a useful filter allowing potential customers to sort by size. Rather than having one large picture which may overwhelm the space, it may be a better option to have a pair of matching prints. A collage of smaller pictures will also create a talking point with guests. Spend a relaxing hour or two browsing the gallery walls at Desenio to find a favorite piece or two. Ideas for other areas such as a kid’s bedroom may also come to light.

The finishing touch is a nice frame to set off the beauty of the wall art, and Desenio has a vast selection of ideas. An entrance hall can be a thing of beauty with the use of wall art.