Living Room Design Tips

Sep 01

A functional and comfortable living room is undoubtedly a product of serious and thoughtful work. And considering that most people actually spend a significant amount of money and time in this room, it makes sense to ensure it feels more like, well, a home to be proud of. Ideally, your living room should reflect your tastes, speak to your inner being, and, most importantly, make you feel happy. While achieving these goals might be a challenge, it is undoubtedly worth the effort. Here are some tips to make your living room an inviting and comfortable place to gather.

Use Colors to Set the Mood

Colors determine how you feel in the space. Thus, you should be aware of what each color has to offer. Colors energize or relax your living room, depending on how cool or warm they are. For instance, a serene blue and white combination evokes calmness, while a light tan underfoot warms the place.

Personalize the Walls and Ceiling

Most homeowners give the walls and ceilings a formal treatment in their living rooms, considering that it is mostly a communal space. However, you can always move away from this traditional practice to personalize your living room and make it welcoming. And the best way to go about this is to choose wall coverings that reflect your style.

Invest in Stylish and Comfortable Floors

Bearing in mind that the living room is mostly a communal area, it would be ideal to install a comfortable floor that makes a design statement. While you might want to have a stylish floor, you also need to ensure that it does not shift the attention from furniture or wall art, unless you want it to.

Work on Furniture Arrangements

How you arrange your furniture should complement your living room’s core function and act as a gathering space. As such, you should ensure that seating pieces are arranged to promote conversation and interaction. If you have ample space, you might consider organizing your furniture to accommodate groups for intimate discussions.

Make the Lighting Inviting

Lighting plays a vital role when designing your living room. As such, make sure that your choices are geared towards creating a relaxed and comfortable ambiance. For starters, you should aim for layers and position your light sources to form triangles for optimal light distribution.

Create a Focal Point

You need to have a focal point in your living room. This design feature serves to draw any occupant, including you, into the space. While some people might prefer making the television their center of attention, a fireplace is a natural focal point. You might also consider making a stunning piece of art your room’s focal point.