Living Room Colors

Apr 28

The living room encapsulates all aspects that make a home. While several design features make this room special, the colors stand out as far are setting the mood goes. So if you are thinking about creating a soothing space or making a statement, you only need to get the color combinations right.

Irrespective of your design goals, specific colors are viewed as a staple in any living room. Here are some top color choices.


Green depicts harmony and renewal as it echoes natural hues. This makes it a top choice for living rooms. This color comes in handy if you do not have ample space to have some houseplants.


Gray walls make rooms appear spacious, elegant, and serene. A gray room also blends well with modern decor, along with vintage ensembles. This popular neutral also serves as the perfect backdrop for wall art.


Blue is a characteristic hue in most homes, as it naturally brings people together. Painting your walls blue injects a calming and stabilizing effect into your living room. It is worth noting that blue makes your room appear orderly and composed.


Beige is the perfect hue for any homeowner who prefers a minimalist look. This go-to neutral brings out the simplicity of raw fabrics. Beige works with nearly everything.


While black is not an obvious choice for a living room, it is a decent option for anyone looking for something dramatic. Black walls provide a dark backdrop that makes architectural details more alluring.